Donation of Merchandise and Services

To see the current items Can Do Canines is in need of please see our Wish List.

In-Kind and Pro Bono Services

In addition to monetary contributions, some companies contribute their products to charity. These are “in-kind” donations. Many companies have products that can be used by Can Do Canines. This list includes current inventory, obsolete merchandise, slightly damaged goods, computers or office furniture and equipment. We also benefit from services provided by a company or its employees. These “pro bono” services include printing, legal representation or graphic design work.

A company’s charitable contribution of its products can qualify for a charitable deduction. Limitations exist on what and how much can be deducted. The rules are complicated and require careful prior analysis by legal counsel. The value of staff time donated to us is not tax deductible. However out-of-pocket expenses (gas, mileage, meals, etc.) can be deducted within certain limits.

Can Do Canines may accept in-kind gifts as charitable contributions, which are donations of property other than cash or marketable securities. Examples include real estate, office supplies, pet supplies, equipment and furnishings. More examples are included on our Wish List.

Receipts will be prepared by our staff and issued to the contributor of an in-kind gift. These receipts will not list an amount – it is the donor’s responsibility to determine the fair market value of the gift for IRS purposes. However the receipts will list a description of the in-kind gift donated. IRS regulations do not allow us to place a value amount on a gift in-kind, only to state that the gift was given. Although the amount is not included on the donor’s receipt, the fair market value is recorded on our financial statements.

Any in-kind gift in excess of $5,000 requires the contributor to complete IRS form 8283 and requires our acknowledgement statement verifying the receipt of the donated in-kind gift. An individual who contributes an in-kind gift greater than $5,000 must get a qualified appraisal in order to deduct for tax purposes.

Donate Items for Auction/Raffle

We can always use items to auction at our special events or for give away prizes for our Can Do Woofaroo. Items of interest include, but are not limited to, travel packages, airline gift certificates, tickets to sports events, TVs, camcorders, etc.

To contribute an item, please contact our Development Director, Janet Cobus at 763-331-3000 x153 or