Monthly Heroes

Our assistance dogs are Heroes for their human partners, and now we are asking you to become a Hero as well.

By choosing to become a monthly donor for Can Do Canines you’ll join our group of amazing “Monthly Heroes.”

As a Monthly Hero, you help sustain our work by ensuring that we are able to continue to train canine heroes.

You will also receive a special “Insider’s View” video quarterly, available only to our Monthly Heroes. Take a look at the first insider’s video below.

Becoming a Monthly Hero is simple and has immediate impact. Become a Monthly Hero today!

Veronica Ahern
Christine Anderson
Shawn Anderson
Julie Apold
Janet Aquino-Dantona
Tim & Ann Bachmeier
Jennifer Berneck
Pam Blomgren
Martha Bloom
Kim Bloomer
Paul Brady
Bonita Brown
Susan Burns
Susan Byers
Katie & Peter Castro
Angela Chapman
Kristine Cinealis
Marcia Clennon
Janet Cobus
Jan Croft
Margaret Demshar
Katherine Devine
Vincent DiFruscio
Lara Dreier
Ruth Dutchak
Gretchen Fernelius
Shannon Flinn
Edward Fruchtenbaum
Kathleen Galiger
Harland Garvin
Jerry & Sandy Gaudette
Pam Goehring
Jean Greibel
Jeanne Morales
Darla Haines
Pamela Heck
Stephanie & Andrew Helgerson
Cindy & Fran Herman
Mary Hill
Kerry Houts
Patricia Hughes
Stephanie Hunt
Nichole Jacobson
Robin Jacobson
Maggie Johnson
Trish Johnson-Doss
Lisa Jordan
Ann & Tim Kaduce
Laurie & Ron Kent
Denise Kesselring
Kristina Kiefer
Youngmi Kim
Elizabeth Klingelhofer
MarySue Krueger
Jacinta Kuhar
David Laechel
Kathleen Larson
Christopher Lavalle
Greg Lee
Susan Lindsay
Betty Lokken
Jean Martell
Mary McCarten
Jason McGraw
Jodi Menke
Julie Miller
Katie Nelsen
Wink Newcomb
Kathryn Oberg
Fred Olofson
Lu Ommen
Angela Peters
Mitch & Wendy Peterson
Bob Powers
Connie Roehrich
Kathy Rosenow
Jane Sassenfeld
Elmer Schindel
Amber Schletty
Adrianna Shannon
Rich Sheehan
Lynn Slifer
Joseph Smith
Sharon Steinbrecher
Melissa Strunc
Julie Swedberg
Julie Tarshish
Ross Thorfinnson
Beth Topliff
Lindsey Trader
Sharon Vollmer
Cheri Warwick
Melani Weber
Carla West
Jeff & Doreen West
Michele White
Naomi Wilkins
Andrea Winiecki
Kathy Wright
Jackie Wulf
Barbara Wysoske
Terry Zabel