Prison Puppy Foster Home

To help our assistance dogs raised in prison become the best dogs they can be we need … YOU!

As important as it is for prison inmates to train the future assistance dogs, it is also crucial that the puppies and dogs learn good house manners and get exposed to as many social and public situations as possible during their first formative year. That is where you come in!

Prison Puppy Foster Home Volunteers take the dogs out of the prison environment for an average of four days at a time, preferably twice a month. Pick up and drop off is handled on prison grounds, but there is no contact with inmates.

Prison Puppy Foster Home Volunteers are asked to review and work on house manners, go on walks in a neighborhood and to socialize them to things not experienced in prison (household noises, other pets, children, car rides, visits to stores and the mall, restaurant, baseball games, etc.).